How to Stop Wetting the Bed

Bedwetting Treatment Technique by Dr. Richard A Sheldon, D.C. (Retired)

During Dr. Sheldon's 35 years of chiropractic practice, he developed a successful, safe, and all-natural bedwetting treatment technique that helps children to stop wetting the bed. Although no treatment works for all cases, the success rate for Dr. Sheldon's procedure is quite high.

In his treatment video, Dr. Richard A. Sheldon, D.C. (Ret.) suggests that before attempting the procedure, you should have your child examined by a licensed medical or chiropractic physician. In this way, you can be assured there are no underlying issues responsible for the problem. Once you know that no pathology exists, you may begin the video procedure at home.

Happy Mother & Child | Anti-Bedwetting Technique

How the Video Works

After viewing the video for stopping the bedwetting a couple of times, you and your child will understand how to perform the procedure. Dr. Sheldon has seen cases where results have been achieved within the first week; however, some children take up to eight weeks to respond. There is a higher success rate with concurrent chiropractic care, but it is not necessary. The chiropractor is specially trained to determine if there are spinal subluxations and/or rib-head fixations contributing to the problem. This is a frequent cause that may prevent success in stopping the bedwetting, if not corrected.

If your child does not respond after eight weeks, there may be a hidden pathology, a deep sleep disturbance, or a deep-seated physical or psychological factor that has been overlooked. In that case, find a doctor near you and help your child to practice more with the sleep enuresis treatment recommended by them.

A key element that makes the Anti-Bedwetting Technique work so well is the application of the "Bladder Release" or "Bladder Relaxation" technique, which you will administer nightly.

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