Anti-Bedwetting Procedure for Children

An Effective Bedwetting Treatment Procedure Video

Dr. Richard A. Sheldon, D.C. (Retired)

As a parent or guardian, you want your child to be free of the embarrassment of bedwetting. You can find the help you seek with this simple bedwetting treatment procedure video created by Dr. Richard A. Sheldon, D.C. (Ret.).

The Anti-Bedwetting Technique video is designed to be viewed by you and your child together. It presents some basic theories then demonstrates how to implement this easy-to-learn, safe, and effective anti-bedwetting procedure.

A few of the topics covered in the anti-bedwetting video include:

  • Development: Review and correct poor pre-bedtime habits.
  • Mechanical: Spinal subluxation, ribcage fixation.
  • Deep Sleep: Play or hyperactivity fatigue. (More prevalent in boys.)
  • Bladder Spasm: Uncontrolled compression of the bladder.
  • Respiration: Subluxation of spinal vertebrae and rib-head, causing hypoventilation.
  • Psychological: Treatment methodology incorporating combined effort of parent/guardian and child.

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