Advice to Stop

A Video That Provides Helpful
Bedwetting Treatment Procedure for Children

Dr. Richard A. Sheldon, D.C. (Retired)

Dr. Richard A. Sheldon D.C. (Retired) created Anti-Bedwetting Technique Video for a bedwetting treatment procedure for children. His video provides helpful advice.

As a parent or guardian, you know how challenging it is for your child if they have bedwetting problems. This helpful video, created by Dr. Richard A. Sheldon D.C. (Retired), delivers support to help send this troubling issue.

Help Children to Stop Wetting the Bed

Help For Parents

This video provides a natural approach that enables parents or guardians to perform an easy, safe, and effective home-based bedwetting correction treatment procedure.

Help For Children

Your child will be able to participate in bedwetting nightly treatment, and you will find out how badly he or she wants to stop bedwetting. This program is designed for children from ages 6 to 16.

Once you and your child's physician have determined there are no underlying disease processes that are responsible for the bedwetting, you can start helping your child correct this embarrassing problem.

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